#RacingReader Program Overview - OLD

Let's Work Together To Get Kids Excited About Reading & IndyCar Racing

I am incredibly thankful for the many diehard race fans who have embraced my racing-themed kids’ books and shared them with their young ones. However, knowing that these kids would likely become race fans due to their parents' love of the sport, I want to dig deeper and reach kids who may not know much about racing.

So, I am launching a new Apex Legends book donation program featuring "Josef, The Indy Car Driver" and "The Spectacle - Celebrating the History of the Indianapolis 500" called #RacingReader. The program's mission? To place as many books as possible into school and public libraries, and I need your help to do it. 

This graphic sums up how it works - or watch this video:

When you purchase a book, you'll get a card with details on how to donate and participate in the social program (which is key to spreading the word about the program!) as well as a special "I Supported" logo sticker. There are other ways to support without buying a book too.

Pretty easy, right? Together we can motivate kids to read and jump-start a life-long love of racing! Have questions like:

  • How to participate without buying a book
  • How to participate if you've already bought a title but want to be able to donate a 2nd copy
  • What about coloring books?
  • Can I (or a business I represent) do a bulk donation to local schools?

Visit the #RacingReader FAQ page to get all these details and more.

Also, please note that the Racing for Cancer donation packages are not part of the #RacingReader, program, but they are a great way to support this charity and their important cause! Learn more.


  • International orders
  • "Kyle Loves Racing" and "The Longest Day" are currently note part of #RacingReader
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