The Longest Day - A Childhood Race Adventure

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"The Longest Day - A Childhood Race Adventure" is a heartfelt tale that captures the magical moment when a child falls in love with racing.  When a young boy named Jamison is taken to his first race by his father, the pair bond as they enjoy the sights, sounds and atmosphere of Le Mans while cheering their favorite team to victory.  

The actual events of the 1956 running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans serve as an action-packed backdrop to the story.  The book is designed to help teach kids about what it is like to attend a race, and provides basic endurance racing terminology.  The Longest Day - A Childhood Race Adventure features race cars from Jaguar, Aston Martin, Porsche, and others.

Specs:  Matte-finish hardcover book; 48 pages printed on 70 lb high-quality paper. This book is printed in limited quantities on matte finish paper. Cover price $22.99.

Children's Picture Book -  Best for kids 5 & up

Want it for less? The initial run of books was printed on thinner 40 lb paper; I am offering the remaining inventory of these books at a cheaper price. Otherwise, the book is the same!


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